Sightseeing Marktbreit, a romantic medieval village and/or winetasting tour
Mainparkplatz am Kranen, 97340 Marktbreit
Termin frei buchbar
1 – 4 hours
Fees: city sightseeing tour: 1 ½ hours, €4/person, minimum fee €40
short city sightseeing tour: 1 hour, €3,50/person, minimum fee €35
wine tasting tour: €60 the group, addtl. €8/pers. for 4 wines and snacks
sightseeing city & wine tasting tour: €80 the group, addtl. €8/pers. for 4 wines and snacks
Ihr Gästeführer:

Ulrike Zink

Sudetenstr. 40, 97340 Marktbreit
Telefon: 09332 - 3634
Mobil: 0176 349 349 97
Come with me and explore Marktbreit at the sunny loop of the Main river!
I will show you this lovely town and offer a wine tasting tour as well.

The sightseeing tour includes:
* a walk in the wheels inside the crane
* the pictures land mark “Malerwinkelhaus”
* baroque trading houses with court-yard
* renaissance city hall with the historic beautiful wedding room
* the renaissance castle
* the Lutheran church with the poor people bible and princes box

You can also include:
* birthplace of Dr. Alois Alzheimer
* grave tombs of the 16th century
* walk along the townwall with its towers

The wine tasting tour includes:
* comfortable hike up the chapel hill, great view over the river and vine yards
* 4 wines along the tour with snacks
* lots of information about Franconia and the wines
* anecdotes and drinking toasts
* best of all: great fun
city sightseeing tour: 1 ½ hours (short tour 1 hour)
wine tasting tour: 2 hours
combination of sightseeing city & wine tasting tour: 4 hours
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