Half and All Day Tours of the Franconian Wine Region
Fränkisches Weinland, 97070 Würzburg
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Duration up to 5 resp. 9 hrs.
Half day tour in German: 190 €, Foreign languages: 230 €
All-day tour in German: 290 €, Foreign languages: 350 €
Ihr Gästeführer:

Sonja Wagenbrenner

Rückertstr. 8, 97072 Würzburg
Telefon: 0931 - 88075933
Telefax: 0931 - 88075934
Mobil: 0174 - 6518200

Are you planning a bus tour with a group and would like to discover the Franconian wine region using Würzburg as the base? I would love to accompany and guide your group on such a tour. We can also make arrangements with local wine producers or vinotecas for wine tastings and tours of the wine cellars. Optionally, the tour will lead us through several romantic towns along the Main triangle, up to the Steigerwald forest or to the Volkach Main Curve – the center of Franconian viticulture. Alternatively we can also drive to the lower Main region with the historic towns Miltenberg and Klingenberg, famous for its red wine production.
We will find out about the conditions and soils needed to grow wine during a short walking tour of a vineyard and learn about the Franconian “Trias” and the resulting stone segments important for the character of our wines. Of course, cultural highlights along these tours like the church “Mary in the Vineyard” will not be missed out on.

Upon individual agreement (half day tours up to 5 hrs., all-day tours up to 8 hrs.
Maximmum 50 persons, Tour with group-own couch)


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