How the Sparkle Gets into the Glass
Sektkellerei Höfer, Bürgerbräu Nr. 8 (former Fasslager), 97070 Würzburg
Termin frei buchbar
1 to 4 hours, depending on the amount of tastings
15 persons or more. Ask for flat sums for groups of less than 15 persons.
18,00 € per person (includes 3 different sparkling wines)
42,00 € per person (includes 6 different sparkling wines)
Ihr Gästeführer:

Sonja Wagenbrenner

Rückertstr. 8, 97072 Würzburg
Telefon: 0931 - 88075933
Telefax: 0931 - 88075934
Mobil: 0174 - 6518200

If you have ever asked yourself how the sparkle gets into the champagne, take a tour of one of Franconia’s most renowned producers of sparkling wine (German: Sekt) and find out the secret of hand-made “Franconian champagne”. Wine Engineer Carsten Höfer is specialized in the production of very individual kinds of Sekt, using only quality Franconian wines and employing the traditional method of bottle fermentation, the master discipline of champagne making.
A tour of the production site and the cellars reveals interesting insights into the process of champagne making: bottle filling, yeast aging, riddling, disgorging, and dosage. At the end of our tour the sparkle will also find its way into the glasses, so that everyone can judge for themselves what a difference “hand-made” makes compared to mass production. The products of Höfer-Sekt all are sparkling wines “which burn to ashes when touching the moisture of a tongue…”. This is Truman Capote’s poetic description of the feeling, when the fine champagne pearls ignite a small firework on your tongue...


Getting there: by bus or car ( bus and POV parking available), or by streetcar, Route No. 2 or 4, exit at “Siebold Museum/Zellerau”.
Meeting point: Office of Sektkellerei Höfer at building No. 8 on the Bürgerbräu (old brewery site).
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